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Video display of starch residue dehydrator

Starch residue dehydrator, also known as powder residue squeezing dehydrator, mainly separates sweet potato flour residue, cassava flour residue, potato flour residue, corn flour residue, etc.

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Dingli slime dryer once again settled in Shandong

Recently, another coal slime dryer project of Dingli Group settled in Shandong. The equipment was installed in Jining, Shandong. The equipment has been officially put into production. The following is a live picture of the Shandong coal slime drying project.

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Shanxi Youyu coal slime dryer installation completed

Recently, the Shanxi Youyu slime dryer project is progressing smoothly, the equipment installation has been fully completed, and the commissioning phase is about to enter. The following is the picture sent back from the project site.

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New case: Dongying sawdust dryer officially put into production

Recently, news came from the Shandong sawdust drying project: the installation and commissioning of the project was completed, and the project was officially put into production.

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Sweet potato powder residue dehydration equipment

Sweet potato dregs powder dregs dehydration equipment, also known as sweet potato powder dregs press, is a common equipment for reducing water content of sweet potato starch mill powder dregs.

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Project tracking: Jiangsu liquor lees drying project has entered the delivery process

Zhengzhou Dingli cooperated with a customer in Suqian, Jiangsu Province for the drying project of distilled grains, and the equipment is officially sent to Jiangsu after the production is completed.

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